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Explore the Best Ice Cream in Ocean City!

Explore the Best Ice Cream in Ocean City!

What’s better than a cold scoop of ice cream on a hot summer’s day? There's plenty of scorching days left until the end of summer 2019, so cool down and relax with some of the best local-approved sweet treats at the beach! Explore OC has taken the guess work out of it, and rounded up the locals to create a list of the best ice cream that Ocean City has to offer!

Dumser's Dairyland

An Ocean City tradition, it's no surprise that Dumser's Dairyland is on our list. Since 1939 they have been serving up their homemade ice cream, and have since grown from one shop on the boardwalk to now seven locations! Dumser's prides itself on the quality and freshenss that has been established since the first batch! Choose from several flavors and try their famous 'thick shake' on your next visit! 

Kohr Bros Frozen Custard

Although technically not ice cream, our list wouldn't be complete without Kohr Bros Frozen Custard! Founded in 1919 on Coney Island boardwalk, the Kohrs brothers perfected their recipe to create the perfect treat that wouldn't melt so quickly in the salty air and summers heat. In their attempt- the Original Frozen Custard was born! With three locations, including one conveniently located next to the inlet, people flock to Kohrs to experience the recipe that has delighted the East Coast for six generations!

DoDo Edible Cookie Dough and Ice Cream

New to the scene is DoDo Edible Cookie Dough and Ice Cream! Opening its first location in 2017, DoDo's has quickly found its place among Ocean City locals as one of the best ice cream joints in town! Who doesn't love to induge in licking the spoon after whipping up some fresh dough? The shop specializes in mixing edible cookie dough with decadent ice cream and provides a sweet treat that is sure to please the entire family!

South Pole Ice Cream

The first store to deliver Asian-style ice cream rolls in Ocean City. South Pole offers a fun new-fusion ice cream experience for everyone! Each order is rolled invididually and topped with the freshest ingredients. Located just off the boardwalk and down from the Boardwalk Arch sign, South Pole Ice Cream is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk and enjoy a unique and delicious treat!

Sweet Beaks

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Sweet Beaks on 82nd Street with their Instagram-worthy carnival shakes or cloud cones, each wrapped in cotton candy goodness and topped with your favorite candies. Or try their famous “spaghetti ice cream sundae”, featuring vanilla ice cream noodles topped with strawberry sauce and a chocolate meatball!

Justine’s OC Ice Cream Parlour

Can you survive the Titanic? Stop by Justine’s OC Ice Cream Parlour, located in North Ocean City, to try your hand at their legendary Titanic Challenge. The Titanic is served in a bucket filled with eight huge scoops of ice cream, six toppings, four cake cones, and an iceberg of whipped cream. Whoever can individually finish this giant treat gets it for free plus other fun prizes! Justine’s OC Ice Cream Parlour also features their famous Wall of Shakes which has over 30 different milkshake combonations and has gained recognition from national magazines and newspapers!


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