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Historic Sites in Worcester County, MD

Historic Sites in Worcester County, MD

Maryland’s Coast is full of attractions for couples, families, single travelers, locals, and tourists to enjoy. What you might not know are the rich historic sites that reside near popular attractions in Ocean City, Maryland. 

Looking for something different to experience on your day off? Check out some of these cool historical spots that often go unnoticed. 

Historical Attractions 

Furnace Town

Historic Furnace Town is a gem in the Pocomoke Forest showcasing Maryland’s only bog ore iron furnace. From 1828 to 1850 the town was inhabited by 300 people who lived there and worked hard to send iron for transport to cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. Furnace Town is now a site of education and preservation of history that is open for the public to enjoy. 

Sturgis One Room School Museum

The Sturgis One Room School’s small structure was built over 100 years ago and was operated by one teacher who taught grades first through seventh for 37 years. It is the only African American one room school in Worcester County that has retained its original integrity. Now a  museum, the Sturgis One Room School Museum strives to preserve, promote, and protect the rich history and cultural significance of the one-room school. 

Julia A. Purnell Museum

Originally, St. Agnes Catholic Church, the Purnell museum building was built in 1891. The Julia A. Purnell museum now transports visitors back in time to the lifestyles of those who lived in Worcester County during the 18th and 19th centuries. View items like utensils, machines, Victorian-era clothing, jewelry, and more. 

Atlantic Hotel 

The Atlantic Hotel is a treasured landmark in downtown Berlin, MD. The building maintains its original Victorian-era decor from originally being created 120 years ago. Surrounded by shops, a tea room, museum, coffee house, and more, there’s plenty to explore! Book a stay at this historic spot and enjoy the hotel’s delicious menu options at the bistro bar. 

At Maryland’s Coast, we love the rich history of our towns and we can’t wait to share it with you! For more awesome spots to visit and everything you need to know about Worcester County, follow along with our stories.