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Spooky Fun in Ocean City, Maryland

Spooky Fun in Ocean City, Maryland

Ready to get spooky in Ocean City, Maryland? Ghostly Greetings, lovers of the paranormal, to celebrate one of our favorite holidays, at ExploreOC we’d like to cordially invite you to a few ghost stories told the old fashion way- around the screen.

Join ExploreOC in investigating paranormal activity and chance encounters with lingering spirits that still haunt the town. Read stories of children spirit in the Life-Saving Station, unrequited love, and even the haunted trifecta! Is Ocean City really haunted? You be the judge. 

Haunting Ocean City

The Tarry-a-While

Have you heard the story of Calvin Cropper? This 21-year old was said to be rejected after professing his love. This led him to barricade himself in his room, shoot, and kill himself after lighting up a cigarette. Visitors tell stories of smelling cigarette smoke and seeing chairs rocking on the porch with no wind in the air. 


Have you ever visited Shenanigan’s, or the Shoreham Hotel? Legend has it that this building is one of the most paranormally active buildings in OCMD. There are stories of a writer who killed himself, a man who died in the basement, and the phantasm of Betsey, who jumped out of a third-story window and killed herself. 

Henry’s Hotel

This building can be tracked to 1895, where it was a boarding house for young boys. Sightings have reported seeing young males on the porch, and other visitors have claimed to hear footsteps and a woman yelling. More have reported hearing jazz music playing inside the hotel.

Dolle’s Candyland

Have you ever heard of a woman, Catherine, who haunts Dolle’s Candyland? Rumor has it she was a former employee of the store. At Dolle’s, there’s a tradition that if candy, whether wrapped or unwrapped, touches the floor it must be thrown away. One morning an employee came into a full bag of candy on the floor, and upon inspecting the security footage, it looks like the bag just fell with no other cause than the suspected ghost of Catherine.

The Ocean City Life Saving Station

The Ocean City Life Saving Station was originally run by the OC Live-Saving Service, and then later by the US Coast Guard. It was used to help ships that needed assistance out at sea. However, many sailors and shipmates weren’t lucky to survive the perils of the sea and make it back to shore. The Life Saving Station itself is rumored to be haunted, and WMDT even covered a story of one woman’s experience with the paranormal inside the station. 

Do you have your own bone-chilling tales of our favorite resort town? We can’t wait to hear them! @ExploreOCMD on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all things OCMD, and tag us in your Ocean City ghost story!