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Things to Do with Your Dog in Ocean City, Maryland!

Things to Do with Your Dog in Ocean City, Maryland!

If spending time with your dog is one of your favorite activities, then you’re in good company over at ExploreOC! Welcome fellow dog people! You already know that when it comes to you and your pooch, you’re better together, and planning the perfect vacation or beach getaway for your furry companion doesn’t have to be difficult! At ExploreOC we rounded up the best places to take your dog in Ocean City, Maryland that are sure to earn extra tail wags from your pup!

Ocean City Beach and Boardwalk

Now is the perfect time to bring your pup on a trip to OCMD! While the Ocean City boardwalk and beach close off to animals during the summer season, your pets are allowed from October 1st until April 30th! Take your pets to roam the sand and the ocean waves, or take a cool walk down the boardwalk and take advantage of these off-season months when your pooch is allowed

Locals Tip: Homer Gudelsky Park (commonly known as Stinky Beach) is the perfect place to take your dog for a beach day any day of the year! It’s located on the west side of the bay, just south of the Rt. 50 Bridge. Just take Old Bridge Road to the very end and enjoy a beach day with your favorite pet!

Dog Playground at 94th St. and Northside Park

While Ocean City, MD has plenty of places for your dogs to stretch their toes in the sand, there’s only one dog playground within its parameters. The Dog Playground on 94th St. has two sections separating dogs over and under 28 pounds, but is open to pets year-round! You must register your dogs, and applications and passes may be obtained from the Ocean City Recreation and Parks Department front desk!

You can also visit Northside Park, a hidden gem in Ocean City with walking trails and a playground for the kids! Take your furry companion for a quick jog or relax with an evening stroll. Northside Park is located right beside the water so let your pup swim in the bay with easy access in and out of the water right beside the pier. While there is only one official dog playground, locals often refer to Northside Park as the “Doggie Park” of North Ocean City!

Local Resturants

There are over 45 restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland that you are allowed to bring your furry friend to chow down beside you! There’s nothing better than going out to eat with the entire family, and that includes your dogs! Enjoy a meal at Micky Fins Bar & Grill where your pooch can enjoy a nice bowl of chilled water as you enjoy your meal, or stop by Bayside Skillet for a phenomenal breakfast where your pup's water will be served with your drinks! De Lazy Lizard Bar & Grill, The Hungry Seagull, and Malia’s Cafe also allow dogs just to name a few more!

There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do with your furry friends all year long in Ocean City! So book your vacation and head into Ocean City, Maryland today!