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Work & Learn from OCMD

Work & Learn from OCMD

While this year’s classrooms may look a bit different, one of the biggest benefits of remote learning is that you’re able to do it from anywhere! With great weather and fewer crowds, Fall is a great time to bring your work to Ocean City. Bring your studies to the shore and relax at night in your happy place. Read on to find out how to work and learn from OCMD this year.


- Swap out your beach read for a textbook! Bring your schoolwork down to the beach for the most peaceful study spot.

- Start your workday from the balcony of your hotel! If you’re staying oceanside, you can really start your day on the right note with a sunrise view and a warm cup of coffee.

- Spread out your studies at one of our local parks to have the space to get up and move around during your study breaks!

Photo by CJ Jimenez


With so much to explore, OCMD is a great place to take learning offline and enrich your child’s learning experience. Here are a few ways to bring your learning to life:


- Take a field trip to the OC Life-Saving Station Museum to learn about the history of the U.S. Life-Saving service and check out exhibits of awesome artifacts chronicling life in OCMD.

- Visit one of the many historic buildings nearby like the Sturgis One-Room School Heritage House and the Costen House.

- The Harriet Tubman Park & Visitor Center is a must-do. Learn all about the life and leadership of Harriet Tubman and her legacy to the Underground Railroad.


- Get moving by getting involved with some of the great OC Recreation & Parks activities offered each season. From dance classes to archery, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Click here to check out the 2020 activities guide.

- For those more-extreme athletes, the Ocean Bowl Skate Park is perfect for skaters of all levels!

- Grab your bike or a pair of rollerblades and cruise down the Boards.

- Visit Northside Park for a plethora of outdoor sports activities. Take a run along one of the great trails, or head over to the fields to play your favorite sport! It’s like recess, but better!

- Find your Zen and practice yoga on the beach.


- Head to the Ocean City Center for the Arts to view a two-floor gallery or a local artisan’s exhibit. You can even register for an art class sponsored by the Art League of Ocean City!

- Set up an easel or grab a sketchbook in your preferred spot to paint or draw one of your favorite OCMD scenes.

- Grab some seashells on the beach to create jewelry. You could even send some to your friends back home!

- It doesn’t get much more photo-worthy than OCMD! Practice your photography skills by snapping pics of all of the beautiful views around town.

- Perfect for wildlife lovers, The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art features work from over 1,000 artists, and features the world’s largest collection of decorative decoys!


- For practical application of math skills, head to one of our many local mini-golf courses. There, you can add + subtract as you keep score for your team!

- Did you know OCMD has more than 40 pizza places? Grab a pie for the yummiest way to practice fractions!

- Walk along the beach and count the seashells you find. Take them home and use them to practice math problems.


- Swing by the Delmarva Discovery Center for some hands-on learning and interactive exhibits. Perfect for kids of all ages!

- Explore the natural beauty and wildlife of the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States.

- Ocean City is surrounded by water and marine life. Drop a line from a boat, pier, or beach and be amazed by the different species you’ll catch.

- Apply your knowledge of physics when you head to the beach to fly a kite! For any tools you might be missing, check out the offerings at The Kite Loft.

- OC is home to a variety of different birds and waterfowl. Try your hand at bird-watching and record how many different species you find, including a bald eagle which is fairly common at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

- Head to Assateague State Park and discover excluded coves, abundant marshes, and great beaches. You might even see wild horses and ponies roaming the island!


- Whether you need a book, DVD or audiobook, the Worcester County Library has you covered! They offer library-to-go services Monday-Saturday. All you have to do is request the materials you're looking for online or over the phone, and schedule a pickup time to collect your materials. And don't fret if you don't have a library card, you can easily request a digital one on their website!

- Get the imagination going and practice storytelling and writing skills by crafting a short story that takes place at everyone’s favorite place - the beach!

- It’s no secret that the beach is one of the best places to read. With nothing but the waves and ocean breeze to keep you company, you can be free to focus on the task at hand. So head for the sand and start cracking some spines!

- Visit some great bookstores only a hop, skip, and a jump away in nearby Berlin.


The best part about working remotely from OCMD is that after the workday is done, there’s so much fun to be had! After a long day, treat yourself to something yummy or unwind with a gorgeous Bayside sunset view.

Looking for some fun, physically distant activities around town? Check out this list for inspiration.

When you’re headed back home, be sure to bring some souvenirs with you to add some sunshine and sand to your at-home workspace. Grab some seashells to bring some shore to your decor, or hit up some of the local boutiques for a great selection of art and collectibles!